Learning Experience Part 2

By Jasleen Delgado

Our learning experience this week was based on the school of choice policy, which states that when a child from a public schools chooses to transfer to a private school, their money can be seen as “portable” which means that wherever they choose to receive in education, their funds go with them. We also talked about neoliberalism, which means to view education as a free market or a business. The themes that we tried to touch on for our learning experience are justice and power. We focused on these themes based on the thought that private schools are getting most of the funds from public schools who are already failing. Instead of trying to fix was broken, the government is simply letting was damaged become destroyed. Many students who do not have a choice but to stay in the public schools ultimately suffer from this policy. While certain students are able to attend private schools, many others are suffering the consequences. Our goals and objectives for this lesson was first, give students a better understanding of the school of choice policy, to help students understand how detrimental this could be to public schools, and lastly, showing the pros and cons of neoliberalism and also democratic governance. During the lesson, we continuously asked questions to keep the students involved and engaged. We also got into small groups In order to do more hands on activities, such as using the white boards. One of the activities we did in order to engage the students was splitting them up into two groups, and having each group view themselves as a business. This really helped the students have a better understanding of how education could potentially be viewed as a business, and how that might be either a positive or negative perspective.

This topic matters deeply to me because growing up in an area where you’re surrounded by public schools, you get a personal experience and see how students struggle in these schools first hand. Even though neoliberalism has pros and cons, ultimately public schools are being put on the back burner. For this learning experience, I worked on the recap of the article, which gave the students an idea as to what we were going to be discussing In the lesson. I also talked about market choice/neoliberalism and discussed what it truly entails. This was overall one of my favorite topics to work on and teach.

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Midterm Reflection and Service Learning

By: Jasleen Delgado

This week would be my third or fourth week of volunteering at the JDC. Throughout this experience, Ive seen as well as experienced many things that I had not experienced before. I’ve never been in a detention facility before, which at first was a little nerve racking. I had never volunteered in this kind of environment, it was all so new to me. Once I completed my first day of volunteering, It felt almost bittersweet. On the one hand, I was connecting with these youths and gaining a new perspective, but on the other hand, it was difficult to meet people who were from my area. It made me look outside of my little bubble, and gave me a better sense of understanding and empathy. These residents had to deal with life the hard way, meanwhile I was able to go to good schools, had a loving mother and father, and overall had many more opportunities. It’s draining at times, though. Seeing these kids and what they have to go through, knowing their stories. It’s definitely not easy. I often leave volunteering feeling satisfied, yet exhausted. This experience has also taught me how to be patient. These boys don’t have much interaction with the outside world, so they could become a little rowdy at times. Being able to understand them and gain more patience because of this workshop is something I will always be grateful for. The other volunteers are wonderful as well. Very kindhearted and welcoming people, whose only goal is to help others. Working with such great people definitely makes the experience more enjoyable. The residents that the writers in residence organization works with are good kids, doing everything they can to become better and redeem themselves. When I first met them, I kept thinking to myself “They’re good kids, they were just dealt a bad hand.”  Seeing them, and knowing that they grew up where I grew up, it feels like an out of body experience in a way. It’s hard even now to wrap my head around it. Overall, I believe that Writers in Residence is a great organization, and having this opportunity will be something I will never forget.

Learning Experience Reflection; Part 1

During my group’s learning experience, we took a trip back in history and discussed the native american boarding schools, and how Native Americans were exploited and persecuted for years on end, having their culture ripped from the palm of their hands. We discussed how education can be used for the greater good, or for evil. Our learning objective for this class discussion was to gain an understanding of the treatment of Native Americans and how the institution of education was used to negatively change the lives of people. The themes that we chose to focus on were injustices, brutality, culture, and the importance of education. We chose to focus on these themes because we believed that these themes were the most important concepts in the reading to discuss and teach. After each group member talked, we would ask the students to get into their LC groups and asked discussion questions. Each group member also went to the tables to listen to these conversations and put our input. The conversations were insightful and everyone had something to say. Throughout this learning experience, I learned about the history of Native Americans. We learned how their rights were taken away, then once they gained citizenship, the plan was to mold Native Americans into the european culture, completely stripping them from their origins. They were taught a little bit of reading and writing, and the rest of these teachings were how to crop and farm. They weren’t given the full education they needed in order to fight back. The only weapon they truly had was learning the language. Learning the language was very important to the Native Americans. It was their sword. These topics matter to me because this is history that should be taught more in schools. Their culture was completely taken away from them. Their skin was bleached, their hair was cut, they were beat, and the list goes on. This is information that everyone should know. I contributed to this learning experience by completing the timeline, but also putting my thoughts in group discussions. Overall, this topic was very important to me and I truly enjoyed learning and also teaching others about this experience.

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Reading : https://dshutkin253.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/spring2013deculturalization.pdf

Current Connection Reflection

By Jasleen Delgado

A big theme that I chose as part of my current connection is how important staying true to your values within the classroom is not only important for yourself, but it only makes a huge impact on your students. I chose to touch on this because I think it’s important to emphasize the important roles that teachers play. We are not only teaching, we are role models, guiders, second parents. These are all underlying yet important roles teachers have that should be talked about more. In both my current connection and the reading, both really emphasized the importance of being true to your morals and showing your students this as well. I remember while I was completing my office hours, I shadowed a teacher that I absolutely loved. She was funny, yet kind and also knew the importance of discipline. She talked to her students as if they were family, but also knew how to balance out the roles between a teacher and a friend. She was herself, and for that I truly admired her teaching style. I learned alot about the importance of values, such as kindness, respect, empathy, and how sometimes you need to put some personal values into your professional life. This topic has become more important to me now as I am learning to become not only an educator, but also a role model to children. Overall, I truly enjoyed this weeks topics, and hope to use these lessons in my daily life as a teacher in the future.

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All About Me!

Hello Everyone!!

My name is Jasleen Delgado, but you can call me Jas. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 19, 2002 (which was actually Sweetest Day that year fyi). I grew up in the inner west side of Cleveland, right by downtown. It has been an interesting experience to say the least. I am now currently a sophomore at John Carroll University studying early childhood education. My plan is to work mainly with kindergarten through second grade, but we’ll see where my path takes me. When I step into a classroom, my hope always is to feel comfortable in the space of a classroom, to not be judged by others, and to overall be in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. I believe one of the biggest issues within the education field is the lack of safety and excitement. School should be a place where kids want to be, rather then a place where children dread going to. The education world is also losing valuable teachers. Teachers are so important. Teachers are molding our next generation of leaders. We as educators should be given the appreciation and the pay that is deserved. Educators do a ton for our children. To me, teachers are our current day superheroes. Now, let’s get into my interests. My interests are pretty simple. I enjoy being around the people I love, watching good shows on Netflix, and experiencing new things! Something unique or interesting about me is that I will be going to Greece in the summer. This is my first time flying outside of the United States, and something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. What I find that is most important to me is the qualities you possess. Being kind, patient, empathetic, compassionate, etc. Those qualities are of the utmost importance to me, and qualities I try to show every day. A reading that is essential to this value is “Thinking Fast and Slow,” written by Daniel Kahneman. In this book, the author talks about learning how to be empathetic towards others. A quote that is personally my favorite is that essentially, It’s easier for us as human beings to recognize other people’s mistakes, rather than seeing things from other people’s point of view. A question I have for Dr Shutkin is what does he believe is the worst issue affecting education today? Finally, for my service learning activity, I chose the writers in residency program. During this activity, I will be helping juveniles during writing workshops on Thursdays at 5:30.

Love Always, Jasleen Delgado